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Our Story

Osiltec Chemicals is pioneering in solving the Chemical industry demand within India. We partner with key domestic manufacturer of chemicals, we collaborate to create the blends and formulations depending on what client require, we make sure quality and quantity is met as per client requirements.  

Our team of technical team in Chemical industry for very long time, we make sure every product meets and exceed customer expectations.  

What We Offer

We also collaborate with our overseas partner companies from where we get exceptional support on those chemicals which are hard to find locally within India, so that we get the right product from overseas and distribute to local market in India. 

Every product from domestic manufacturing or imported, quality stamp comes from Osiltec Chemicals, we are pioneering quality compliance and make the Supply Chain smoother and more efficient for all Industrial and Process Chemicals. 

Most Reliable Chemical Supplier In India!!

We will be glad to support any client, who would like to know more or collaborate with us. Please feel free to contact us.